What is 360schools?

360schools is a unique immersive 360° / VR education service for teachers that will eventually allow for consumption, creation, and collaboration of 360° / VR content both inside and outside of the classroom.

This alpha version of our service provides access to our vast collection of over 350,000 stunning, high-resolution 360° panoramas of safe and educationally relevant historical, cultural, and just plain beautiful locations from around the world. You can search for 360° panoramas by keyword or by using our interactive world map and share with your students. You can also embed our 360° panoramas into class blogs, LMS class feeds, and other websites that you use in your educational activities.

We also invite you to create Guided Tours with the very first version of our Guided Tour Editor. Guided Tours are interactive, immersive journeys featuring 360° panoramas from our unique collection and are easy to use on computers, smartphones, tablets, and on VR headsets.

What are 360° panoramas and how do I navigate inside of them?

360° panoramas, also referred to as VR photos, virtual reality panoramas, sphere panoramas, are fully-spherical, 360° by 180° photos that run inside of a special software, which brings an interactive experience to the viewer. Our 360° panoramas are high-resolution and curated for quality and content.

There are a few ways to navigate in an interactive panorama on your computer:

  1. Click and drag while inside the panorama.
  2. Click and use arrow keys on your keyboard.
  3. Use the "radar" control in the lower left corner of each panorama.
You can zoom in and out using your mouse wheel or with the “radar” control.

How do I search for 360° panoramas?

Sign up to 360schools in order to search our massive database of over 350,000 high-resolution, fully-spherical, 360° panoramas from around the world. To find the panorama you are looking for, just enter a word or search term into the search box located in the website header at the top of each page.

World Map 1
Another way to search for 360° panoramas is by location on our world map, a link to which is also located in the website header at the top of each page.
World Map 2
You can either zoom in on any part of the map to uncover hundreds of thousands of panoramas or you can enter a location name in the search box at the top right to be sent to that location.
World Map 3
Continuing to zoom in will allow you to uncover more icons of stunning panoramas.
World Map 4
Clicking on the blue 360 icons will preview panoramas.
World Map 5
And then just click to open and enjoy the breathtaking view. Now you can open in full screen, view in VR mode, or share panoramas with your students in a number of ways by clicking on the icons displayed in the top right corner of the panorama.

How do I share 360° panoramas with my students?

Share 1
You can share panoramas with your students via URL, QR code, or Google Classrooms.
Share 2
Notice the icons in the top right corner of the panorama. The icon in the center (the box with the arrow pointing upward) is the share icon.
Share 3
Select the share icon and a window will open with three options on how to share the panorama with your students:
  1. Copy and paste the link in the text box.
  2. Email the link to your students.
  3. Share the panorama to your classes in Google Classrooms.

Check out the example below showing how a teacher searched our World Map for a panorama of the Grand Canyon and shared with her students using all three methods described above.

Share 4

How can I embed 360° panoramas?

Embedding is a simple way to place content, in our case 360° panoramas, directly into class blogs, LMS class feeds, and other websites that you use in your educational activities.

Embed Icon
In order to embed a 360° panorama, first select the embed icon on the far left of the icon tray in any panorama.
Embed Panoramas Save
Next, click the ‘Save To My Embeds’ button in the window that appears.

Next, go to My Embeds, either by clicking the hyperlink that appears in the window or via the dropdown menu in your account page.

And now comes the fun part...publishing the panorama from the unpublished panoramas you have saved on your My Embeds page.

How much does 360schools cost?

Your FREE account grants you access to the features described above:

  • SEARCH & SHARE ANYWHERE Sign up to access hundreds of thousands of incredible 360° panoramas. Search for just the ones that you need and share with your students, wherever they are.
  • ACCESS ON ANY DEVICE Enjoy our “technology agnostic” service, which will be available to you and your students on computer, tablet, smart phone, or VR headset.
  • EMBED PANORAMAS Integrate up to three of our 360° panoramas into your class blogs, LMS class feeds, and other websites that you use in your educational activities.

Which features do you currently have in your roadmap?

We are developing a wide array of compelling features for which we will charge an affordable annual fee. These premium features will be rolled out step-by-step in the months to come.

  • GUIDED TOURS Enjoy hundreds of interactive, 360° Guided Tours of educationally relevant themes and fascinating places from around the world. Incorporate our 360° panoramas and create your own interactive, 360° Guided Tours that you can share with your students.
  • WEAK & NO INTERNET Access 360schools even if internet connections are weak or if the internet is not currently available.
  • LMS INTEGRATION We will Integrate 360schools with popular Learning Management Systems in order to ensure hassle-free access to 360schools.
  • STUDENTS CREATE 360° Empower your students to upload their own photography, even 360° panoramas, and create their own Guided Tours.
  • STUDENTS COLLABORATE Allow your students to team up with other students from around the world to create Guided Tours together.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us via our feedback form or on schools@360cities.net.