Create and upload your own panoramas

You can now add your own panoramas to Panorama Slides by uploading your JPEG files. Panoramas must be 360º so that the left side of your panoramas matches with the right side and viewers can enjoy a fully immersive experience of looking all around without any visible seams.

You can upload either spherical panoramas in which the aspect ratio of your panorama in pixel width and height is 2:1 or non-spherical (cylindrical) panoramas in which there will be an empty space at the top and bottom of the panorama.

Create your own panoramas

There are different ways to create panoramas, find more info on these resources below:

Requirements for your panoramas

  • Only JPG images will be accepted.
  • 360 degree images, either spherical or cylindrical.
  • File size 25Mb maximum.
  • No black and white images.

How to add panoramas to a Guided Tour

  • Add a Panorama Slide to a Guided Your, then click on ‘Upload your own 360º panorama’.
  • Select a panorama from your computer. Note: its extension has to be JPEG.
  • Processing time depends on the size of the JPEG that has been uploaded but usually takes just a few minutes. While your panorama is processing, you can close the processing window and keep working on your Guided Tour. If your 360° panorama meets our technical requirements, it will be added to your Guided Tour.
  • Add text, image, video, Google Forms tags to your Panorama Slide.

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