Add tags to your Panorama Slides

Interactive tags are "hotspots" that open various types of media directly in your Panorama Slides. The advantage of using tags is that students can open the media without leaving the panorama view. It is also possible to create and add audio narrations to your Panorama Slides.

To add a tag, click on "Edit" on any Panorama Slide and:

  • Click on the green "Add Tag" button.

    Add Tag Highlighted

  • Move the cursor to the spot in the panorama where you want to place the tag and click.
  • Choose the type of tag you'd like to add from the dropdown menu.

    Tag Type Menu

  • After you are finished adding the tag, click on "Done".

Watch the short video below to see how to add various types of tags to your Panorama Slides.

When adding Google Form tags, it's necessary to ensure that the Google Form is publicly accessible. What you see may be different than what we show below depending on the type of Google account you are using:

Restricted OFF Google Forms

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