How can I create Guided Tours?

Guided Tours are immersive journeys featuring 360° panoramas from our unique collection. It's easy to create Guided Tours and share them with your students.

Log into your account, select "My Guided Tours" from the dropdown menu, and click the green "Create new Guided Tour" box in the upper right corner of your screen.

Create your own Guided Tours

  1. Begin by creating the Cover Slide for your Guided Tour. The Cover Slide is the introduction to the Guided Tour that you are about to create. It can include a title, a subtitle, and a panorama that serves as the background. Click "Save" to begin creating content for your Guided Tour.

    Cover Slide filled in

  2. Now you are ready to add new slides to your Guided Tour. You can choose from three types of slides.

    • Panorama Slides: Display 360º images, which illustrates concepts addressed in Text Slides. You can add any panorama from our collection of over 350,000 panoramas from all over the world to your Guided Tours. You can search for just the panorama you need by using relevant keywords and phrases. If you already know the URL of the panorama you’d like to add, you can simply paste it into the search box.
      New Now you can add tags to Panorama Slides in the Guided Tours you create.
    • Text Slides: Allow you to add text to your Guided Tours. Text Slides feature an easy to use text editor and are useful for presenting learning objectives, explanations, and definitions for your students to learn.
    • Quiz Slides: Allow students to quickly review concepts that you introduce in Text and Panorama Slides in the Guided Tours you create. More info here.

    Click "Add new slide", create a title for that slide, and then choose whether you want to add a Text Slide, a Panorama Slide or a Quiz Slide.

    Add Text Slide

  3. You can add as many Text, Panorama and Quiz Slides to your Guided Tours as you want.

How do I add Quiz Slides to my Guided Tours?

You can now create interactive Quiz Slides to your Guided Tours in order to reinforce learning.

Just click on “Add new slide”, type the title and select Quiz in the Slide type dropdown menu.

Add Quiz Slide

Type the question you’d like to ask and add up to three possible answers. After that, simply tick the correct answer(s) - you decide how many of the possible answers are correct. Finally, click "Save" and you are done.

Quiz Slide Filled In

Your students will be able to easily test their understanding which will reinforce learning.

Quiz Slide Preview

How can I add interactive tags to my Panorama Slides?

Interactive tags are "hotspots" that open various types of media directly in your Panorama Slides. The advantage of using tags is that students can open the media without leaving the panorama view.

To add a tag, click on "Edit" on any Panorama Slide and:

  • Click on the green "Add Tag" button.

    Add Tag Highlighted

  • Move the cursor to the spot in the panorama where you want to place the tag and click.
  • Choose the type of tag you'd like to add from the dropdown menu.

    Tag Type Menu

  • After you are finished adding the tag, click on "Done".

Watch the short video below to see how to add various types of tags to your Panorama Slides.

When adding Google Form tags, it's necessary to ensure that the Google Form is publicly accessible. What you see may be different than what we show below depending on the type of Google account you are using:

Restricted OFF Google Forms

How can I see a preview of my Guided Tour?

Go to the "Edit" page of your Guided Tour. There you will be able to preview each slide by clicking on "Preview" inside each slide thumbnail. You can preview the entire Guided Tour by clicking on the "Preview" button in the upper right corner.

Edit Guided Tour page

How can I share my Guided Tour with my students?

Go to your Guided Tours page and click "Share" to share its link, email its link, or add it to your Google Classroom.

Share Guided Tour

You can also click the "Share" icon in the upper right corner when viewing your Guided Tour. Share Icon

How to view my Guided Tour in full screen and VR mode?

Click the icons in the upper right when viewing or previewing your Guided Tour in order to go to full screen and VR mode. Note that you can also share your Guided Tour by clicking the "Share" icon.

Icons - Guided Tour